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A beautiful velvet and wool Mennonite quilt top in the Barn Raising pattern.  It descended through the Schrock Family of Clinton County, PA and the date 1941 is embroidered at the top.  It includes prize winning tags from the 1948 Clinton County Fair, where it took second place.  It measures 81" by 81" and has minor loss to some of the wool fabric.

An early to mid 19th C. linen tablecloth with self fringe.  The initials 'AH' are embroidered in script near the center seam.  It was found in the Lancaster, PA area and measures 60 1/2" by 70 1/2".  There is some discoloration consistent with its age.

A mid 19th C. cotton table cloth with a center seam and fringe.  The initials 'CBD' and 'No 9' are embroidered around a vase and stard motif.  It measures 54" by 64" and has some minor discoloration consistent with its age.

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A mid-20th C. twin-sized quilt in a sawtooth pinwheel pattern, measuring 48" wide and 78" long.  It's backed with a pink flannel fabric and comes from Ohio.


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A red and green appliqued quilt square measuring 17" by 17".  It contains the names of Zerriah Hancock and Amie N. Hancock of Hedding, New Jersey (Burlington County) and is dated April 12th, 1853.

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