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Reference Books
The Jug and Related Stoneware of Bennington by Cornelius Osgood, copywrite 1981.

This book is a must for anyone interested in the Norton pottery of Bennington, VT.

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Bennington Pottery and Porcelain by Richard Carter Barret, copywrite 1958.

Decorated Stoneware Pottery of North America by Donald Blake Webster, copywrite 1975.

This book examines the decorations found on stoneware, with over 300 photographs of American and Canadian examples.

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American Coverlets and Their Weavers: Coverlets from the Collection of Foster and Muriel McCarl.  Published by Colonial Williamsburg, copywrite 2002 .

The Potters and Potteries of Bennington by John Spargo.  

This is a reprint of the 1926 edition, published by the Bennington Museum.

Early New England Pottery by Lura Woodside Watkins, copywrite 1966.

The F. B Norton Pottery: Stoneware of Every Description.  Published by the Worcester Historical Museum, copywrite 1980.  

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American Stoneware Bottles by David Graci, copywrite 1995.


The Birds of Bennington by Steven B. Leder, Ph.D and Fred Cesana, D.V.M., copywrite 1991.

This is a comprehensive study of the various bird designs used by the Norton Pottery of Bennington, VT, signed by the authors.

Early Potters and Potteries of New York State by William C. Ketchum, Jr., copywrite 1970.

This is the scarce first edition of a sought-after book.  The copy we currently have in stock is missing its dust jacket

Salt-Glazed Stoneware in Early America by Janine E. Skerry and Suzanne Findlen Hood, copywrite 2009.

This fascinating book explores the history of stoneware in England and Germany and its influence on the development of American stoneware. It was published by Colonial Williamsburg in conjunction with their 2009 exhibit at the DeWitt Wallace Museum. 

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Norton Stoneware and American Redware:  The Bennington Museum Collection,  copywrite 1991, second printing 2003.

Paul Cushman: The Work and World of an Early 19th Century Albany Potter.  Published by the Albany Institute of History and Art, copywrite 2007.

This book was published in conjunction with the Albany Institute's wonderful exhibit of Cushman's work.

Early American Folk Pottery by Harold F. Guilland, copywrite 1971.  

This book examines the early history of stoneware illustrated with artwork selected from the Index of American Design.  It's a great addition to any stoneware collector's library

Early New England Potters and Their Wares by Lura Woodside Watkins.

This is the 1968 reprint of the comprehensive sturdy published by Watkins in 1950.

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American Redware by William C. Ketchum, Jr., copywrite 1991.

Written by one of the renowned experts in the antiques field, this out-of-print book examines a popular collecting category and is a great addition to any reference library.

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Frederick Carpenter was Not Alone! by David Graci, copywrite 2011.

A look at the early Boston and Charlestown potters, in booklet form.

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Early American Stencils on Walls and Furniture by Janet Waring, copywrite 1968.

This is a soft cover reprint of Janet Waring's well-known book, first published in 1937.

Poughkeepsie Potters and the Plague by George H. Lukacs, copywrite 2001.

This book is part of the Images of America Series and provides a facinating look at the history of stoneware in this part of the Hudson Valley.  The author is an expert on  Poughkeepsie stoneware and this popular out-of-print book has become increasingly more difficult to find.

Pottery Works: Potteries of New York State's Capital District and Upper Hudson Region by Warren F. Broderick and William Bouck, copyright 1995.

This hard-to-find book is extremely well researched and a must for anyone interested in learning more about the potteries of this area and the men who worked at them.

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